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Etoricoxibum (Etoricoxib)

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Other names for this medication: Arcoxia, Etozox, Nucoxia.

A brand of Etoricoxibum labelled as Arcoxia and Nucoxia are at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Arcoxia60 mg30 tablets$154.53Order
Arcoxia90 mg30 tablets$164.76Order
Arcoxia120 mg10 tablets$102.45Order
Arcoxia120 mg20 tablets$154.53Order
Nucoxia60 mg150tabs$124.01Order
Nucoxia60 mg300$181.39Order
Nucoxia90 mg100tabs$106.66Order
Nucoxia90 mg200$167.50Order
Nucoxia120 mg100tabs$113.78Order
Nucoxia120 mg200$171.51Order

A brand of Etoricoxibum labelled as Acoxxel by Faes Farma, Arcoxia manufactured by Pharma Gerkevertriebs, Orifarm, Merck Sharp Dohme, Cc-Pharma, Br Pharma International Limited, Beragena, and European Pharma B.V, Arcoxia by Vianex A.E, and Exinef manufactured by Grünenthal are at Goldpharma

Acoxxel90 mg28 tablets$67.21Order
Acoxxel120 mg7 tablets$21.15Order
Arcoxia 30 mg28 tablets$29.69Order
Arcoxia30 mg98 tablets$182.90Order
Arcoxia 60 mg14 tablets$15.97Order
Arcoxia60 mg20 tablets$60.77Order
Arcoxia60 mg28 tablets$64.59Order
Arcoxia60 mg50 tablets$125.31Order
Arcoxia60 mg100 tablets$220.94Order
Arcoxia90 mg7 tablets$33.80Order
Arcoxia 90 mg14 tablets$19.49Order
Arcoxia90 mg20 tablets$59.84Order
Arcoxia90 mg50 tablets$125.40Order
Arcoxia90 mg100 tablets$225.03Order
Arcoxia 120 mg14 tablets$22.04Order
Arcoxia120 mg20 tablets$67.77Order
Arcoxia120 mg28 tablets$83.67Order
Exinef60 mg7 tablets$35.94Order

A brand of Etoricoxibum labelled as ARCOXIA is at Dokter Online

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceDokter Online
ARCOXIA30 mg28 tablets$83.72Order
ARCOXIA60 mg28 tablets$96.57Order
ARCOXIA90 mg28 tablets$104.28Order
ARCOXIA90 mg90 tablets$118.68Order
ARCOXIA120 mg28 tablets$107.54Order

A brand of Etoricoxibum labelled as Arcoxia (Generic) is at Quick Ship Pills

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceQuick Ship Pills
Arcoxia (Generic)60mg30 pills$90.00Order
Arcoxia (Generic)60mg60 pills$127.00Order
Arcoxia (Generic)60mg90 pills$152.00Order
Arcoxia (Generic)90mg30 pills$105.00Order
Arcoxia (Generic)90mg60 pills$142.00Order
Arcoxia (Generic)90mg90 pills$168.00Order
Arcoxia (Generic)120mg30 pills$124.00Order
Arcoxia (Generic)120mg60 pills$161.00Order
Arcoxia (Generic)120mg90 pills$191.00Order

Common uses: Etoricoxibum (Etoricoxib) is used for the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic low back pain, acute pain, dysmenorrhea, acute gouty arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Consult your physician for further Etoricoxibum (Etoricoxib) applications.

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