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Uniket (Isosorbide)

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Other names for this medication: Angitak, Cedocard, Coradur, Coronex, Dilatrate-SR, Imdur, Isdn, Ismn, Ismo, Isocard, Isochron, Isoket, Isordil, Isordil-Sublingual, Isordil-Tembids, Isosorbida, Monit, Monoclair, Monoket, Pensordil, Sorbitrate, Vasotrate.

Uniket made by Lacer, Cardionil manufactured by Alacan, Dolak by Bama-Geve, Imdur S.R. manufactured by Astrazeneca, Isdn made by Ratiopharm, Stadapharm, Aliud Pharma, and Hexal, Isdn-Ct by Abz Pharma, Ismn manufactured by Heumann Pharma & Co. Generica Kg, Stadapharm, and Aliud Pharma, Iso produced by Lacer, Isoket manufactured by Ucb Pharma, Isomonit made by Hexal, Monoclair produced by Hennig, Monoket, Mononitr Isosorb made by Sandoz, Monosordil C.R produced by Elpen, and Pensordil by Elpen are at Goldpharma

Cardionil20 mg30 capsules$10.33Order
Dolak60 mg30 tablets$13.80Order
Imdur S.R.60 mg28 tablets$11.71Order
Isdn5 mg100 tablets$24.94Order
Isdn20 mg98 capsules$25.02Order
Isdn20 mg100 capsules$25.09Order
Isdn40 mg50 capsules$24.98Order
Isdn40 mg100 capsules$28.68Order
Isdn60 mg50 capsules$26.76Order
Isdn60 mg100 capsules$31.80Order
Isdn80 mg50 capsules$28.45Order
Isdn80 mg100 capsules$34.84Order
Isdn120 mg20 capsules$25.52Order
Isdn120 mg50 capsules$31.50Order
Isdn120 mg98 capsules$39.33Order
Isdn-Ct10 mg60 tablets$24.61Order
Isdn-Ct10 mg100 tablets$26.56Order
Isdn-Ct40 mg60 capsules$25.74Order
Isdn-Ct60 mg60 capsules$27.93Order
Ismn20 mg60 tablets$23.93Order
Ismn40 mg20 capsules$24.27Order
Ismn40 mg30 tablets$23.68Order
Ismn50 mg50 capsules$31.24Order
Ismn50 mg60 capsules$32.13Order
Ismn50 mg100 capsules$41.86Order
Ismn60 mg20 capsules$25.10Order
Ismn100 mg50 tablets$35.67Order
Ismn100 mg100 tablets$50.19Order
Iso5 mg50 tablets$7.37Order
Isoket5 mg60 tablets$23.49Order
Isoket5 mg98 tablets$24.87Order
Isoket10 mg98 tablets$26.47Order
Isoket Retard60 mg98 tablets$39.54Order
Isoket Retard80 mg30 capsules$30.36Order
Isoket Retard80 mg60 capsules$36.34Order
Isoket Retard80 mg98 capsules$44.32Order
Isoket Retard120 mg30 capsules$32.88Order
Isoket Retard120 mg60 capsules$42.41Order
Isoket Spray1.25 mg15ml aerosol spray$49.04Order
Isomonit100 mg20 tablets$26.43Order
Monoclair20 mg20 tablets$21.83Order
Monoket20 mg50 tablets$5.92Order
Monoket Con.R50 mg30 capsules$9.21Order
Monoket Cr25 mg30 capsules$4.71Order
Mononitr Isosorb20 mg80 tablets$12.77Order
Monosordil C.R60 mg14 capsules$10.20Order
Pensordil10 mg30 tablets$1.61Order
Pensordil Subl5 mg40 tablets$2.18Order
Uniket20 mg40 tablets$10.33Order

A brand of Uniket labelled as Corangin, Duride, Imdur, Ismo, Isonorm Sr, Isordil, and Sorbitrate are at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Corangin40 mg3 x 30 tablets$177.39Order
Corangin40 mg30 tablets$87.10Order
Duride60 mg56 tablets$81.03Order
Duride60 mg112 tablets$110.11Order
Imdur30 mg90 tablets$86.90Order
Imdur30 mg180$122.22Order
Imdur30 mg360$167.21Order
Imdur60 mg28 tablets$87.67Order
Imdur60 mg30 tablets$44.84Order
Imdur60 mg56$132.14Order
Imdur60 mg112$228.31Order
Ismo10 mg100 tablets$39.57Order
Ismo20 mg100 tablets$65.95Order
Ismo40 mg98 tablets$92.34Order
Ismo Retard40 mg2 x 84 tablets$135.51Order
Ismo Retard40 mg4 x 84 tablets$220.41Order
Ismo Retard40 mg84 tablets$85.03Order
Isonorm Sr30 mg100 tablets$65.75Order
Isonorm Sr30 mg200$105.22Order
Isonorm Sr30 mg400$157.53Order
Isordil5 mg50 tablets$50.13Order
Isordil5 mg100 tablets$76.27Order
Isordil5 mg200 tablets$104.56Order
Isordil10 mg50 tablets$51.56Order
Isordil10 mg100 tablets$79.15Order
Isordil10 mg200 tablets$110.32Order
Sorbitrate5 mg100 tablets$26.38Order
Sorbitrate10 mg100 tablets$31.65Order

Common uses: Uniket (Isosorbide) is a vasodilator used to prevent angina (chest pain). Uniket (Isosorbide) may also be used to treat other conditions as determined by your doctor. Read more on Uniket.

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